Mapumental maps are bought with Credits. Once you have balance in your account, you can generate maps directly from the Mapumental API.

Credits can be bought on this page: note that there are substantial reductions for bulk buying in advance.

Calculate your costs

What could you do with 100 credits?

Download 50 images of travel times between 2 postcodes each

Create a single GIS data file covering travel times between 50 postcodes

Download a single image covering a whopping 100 postcodes!

Pricing details

Band Price per credit
1 – 10 credits £75.00
11 – 20 credits £37.50
21 – 50 credits £25.00
51 – 100 credits £12.50
101 – 200 credits £5.00
201 – 1,000 credits £2.50
1,001 – 2,000 credits £1.00
2,001 – 10,000 credits £0.50
10,001 – 20,000 credits £0.25
20,001 – 100,000 credits £0.125
100,001 – 200,000 credits £0.05

Need more than 200,000 credits? Get in touch.

How long do credits last?

Credits must be used within twelve months of purchase.

Will adding to my credit balance give me the benefits of bulk ordering?

Yes: any purchases made within the past twelve months will count towards your discount. Make sure you set up a Mapumental account, and we’ll credit you for past purchases (so long as they were made using the same email address).

Can I get a refund on unwanted credits?

We will refund you for any unwanted credits within seven days of purchase.

What’s the difference between a data file and a map?

When you order a data file, you’ll get data suitable for importing into GIS software to generate maps to your own specifications. Mapumental maps, on the other hand, are static image files, suitable for placing on websites or printing out.

What format will my map/data file be provided in?

Maps are provided as PNG images. Data files come as GRASS ASCII grid rasters, for use with GIS software.