Public transport accessibility mapping

Ever wondered who can reach your services? And who can’t?

How many people can reach you within a reasonable travel time?

It's a key question for any public service.

Mapumental shows, on a single static map, which areas of the country can and cannot reach you by public transport.

It's generally known as PTAL or Public Transport Accessibility Mapping, and we think there's no simpler or clearer way to visualise this data.

These accessibility maps give you insights you won't get any other way.

They're a vital tool for planners, retail chains, health clinics, job centres, schools… in short, every organisation that serves the general public.

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How accessible is your nearest school, post office, or GP’s surgery?

In Wales, that’s not always a simple question: the country’s mountainous landscapes, rural populations, and sometimes infrequent bus services can mean that those without cars are rather cut off from public service provision.

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Prices for public transport accessibility maps begin at £75.

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