Travel time maps

Because ‘how long’ means more than ‘how far’.

How far do you live from your workplace?

Chances are, you'd answer that question in minutes rather than miles. An hour on the bus tells us a lot more than 47 miles.

That's why we made Mapumental.

Given any start point or destination, it'll show everywhere within the chosen commute time, by public transport.

Dealing with groups?

Mapumental handles multiple start or destination points too.

House-hunters love it

They decide how long they want to commute, then Mapumental shows them houses within that timeband. That's why we feature on several estate agents' sites.

Mapumental Property - extra insight for househunters

Mapumental Property narrows property results down, only showing you houses that fall within a decent commute time from the places you visit regularly - like work, school, or the shops. Give it a go - you'll be surprised.

Give it a go

Property is just one of the data sets that Mapumental can work with. How would you use Mapumental?

Let us know

The technical terms

You can call them travel time maps or transit time maps; they're also known as isochrone, isochronal, geospatial or temporal maps. We've even seen them described as 'geographical reachability maps'.

We don't mind what you call them - just let us know what you need.

Mapumental services